Webinar: Monitoring and Incidents with Wireshark and iPAC-TM

Basics for Automated Diagnostics in the IT
Packet Analysis is often the last process of understanding IT issues. In healthcare we would call it making the “blood test”.

Engineers performing such packet analysis tasks save the IT-infrastructure and their users from deeply critical incidents. What do they need to perform precise analytics and improve the process?

Wireshark is the mothership of such analysis – it is the most rich set of decodes, dissectors, filters ever

but ...

  • Each trace file analysis is still a manual process
  • People still bow their heads for hours over a single trace file
  • Results depends on skill and day mood of their user
  • Wireshark analysis remains an isolated process with isolated results

What If ...

Trace files analysis is getting automated , for many trace files, by using exactly the deep wireshark filters people are using – but integrated in a software framework of profile configs, thresholds, tshark filters and longtime statistics

Users are able to recognise symptoms for long periods of time, showing in dashboards , saving them into Database and provide reports on that - making them a part of monitoring infrastructure

Incidents are linked in automated analysis chains – (if issue A /then check for B) and forwarded into enterprise management systems

This will allow...

Recognise Incidents in many trace files

Extremely fast, precise,

Creating workflows for automated fault diagnosis, the base for all auto-repair efforts.

iPAC-TM is designed and developed to work in a semi-automatic fashion to analyse 1000s of trace files, creating dashboards, setting thresholds and analyse incidents – based on deepest Wireshark filters.
The webinar will show how Wireshark and iPAC-TM can build a monitoring solution combining best of 2 worlds – the deep view – and statistics-based aggregation and correlation.


  • How to create analysis scenarios and profiles
  • Creating monitoring metrics based on tshark Filters.
  • Auto-analysis of hundreds of tracefiles
  • Incident generation and categorization
  • Dashboard categories
  • Workflow to create event management incidents
  • Linking Trace file analysis to external events

  • Public webinar is already finished, yet you can register now for more information and on demand webinars.
Monitoring and Incidents with Wireshark and iPAC-TM

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Monitoring and Incidents with Wireshark and iPAC-TM 

Basics for Auto-Diagnostics and Auto-Repair in the IT